Chapel of the Sacred Heart

On the left of the sanctuary is installed the Chapel of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Here, the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus stands in a niche, above the tabernacle which is still in use today. Higher up, the stained-glass infills of the clerestory depict a scene of the Nativity of Jesus, with the three wise men bearing the baby Jesus gifts in the presence of the Virgin Mary and the protective St Joseph.
Three angels bearing the banner ‘Gloria in excelsis Deo’ (‘Glory to God in the highest’) hover above the scene.The left stained-glass side panels show the scene of the last supper of Jesus set against the background of the scene of the crucifixion. The lower stained-glass panel presents the scene of the resurrection of Jesus with the
women encountering an angel in an otherwise empty tomb. The juxtaposition of the themes of the death and resurrection of Jesus in
these images invites the faithful to contemplate the redemptive act of
our Saviour which echoes in our lives.Hanging from a pilaster is a candle holder with bulbs encircling a candle. When the candle is lit, it emits red light which indicates that the sacred host is present within the tabernacle.

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